Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union credit reports. Now you can streamline business processes with live credit report data.

provides consumer debit information through Experian's Cross View.

New-Account Banking Solutions, and Lending Solutions for Applicants with No Credit History

The DebitBureau database maintained by eFunds for its ChexSystems Service is the the most comprehensive source of checking account behavior data available, and the MERit Credit Engine gives you the power to include this valuable information in your decision processes.

  • Conditional Access. When a request for an Experian credit report results in no record, or a consumer's credit file contains no trades, data from the eFunds DebitBureau database can be returned instead - to verify identity information, and to determine the consumer's handling of responsibility with past checking accounts.
  • Direct Access. The MERit Credit Engine can access the eFunds DebitBureau database through Experian's Cross View, instead of a credit report, in addition to a credit report, or simply as a score.

Experian's Cross View Data includes...

  • Consumer Identification (name, address, date of birth, home phone, work phone and social security number)
  • Inquiries (bank name and data of inquiry)
  • Non-Sufficient Funds (bank name, check number and check amount)
  • Closure history (bank name, date of closure and amount) 
  • Cross View Score, predicting credit risk over a 12 month period, based on the eFunds DebitBureau data.

Making Debit Bureau Data Useable

Of importance to developers and system integrators, the MERit Credit Engine  provides access to the eFunds DebitBureau data through simple SQL queries. In addition, it can render the human readable reports, for printing or display.


The MERit Credit Engine provides a unified approach for retrieving and handling credit, as well as debit consumer histories, thereby reducing development cost.

The inclusion of checking account behavior...

  • Provides consistency in evaluating emerging consumers and the "no hit" or "thin file" population without bias.
  • Provides a more complete view of a consumerís payment habits
  • Expands the universe of creditworthy applicants and prospects
  • Manages risk and speeds decision making

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