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MERit Releases Credit Engine Version 3.3

MERit Credit Engine Version 3.3 adds new support for access to CREDCO and CBC/Innovis, and provides a new way to handle Internet connection and authentication errors.

First American CREDCO

The MERit Credit Engine Version 3.3 provides access to credit reports from First American CREDCO. It now includes detailed access to individual tradelines and other credit data via database tables, the same way as data retrieved directly from Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion.  When going through First American CREDCO, any of the three nationwide  bureaus can be specified as the source.

MCE also supports text retrieval of CREDCO's two-way and three-way “Instant Merge” reports.


As with CREDCO, requests to the MERit Credit Engine can be now be processed through CBC/Innovis.  Each request must identify which original source bureau is to be accessed: Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion.  MCE is able to process the CBC/Innovis data just as if it came directly from one of the three bureaus.

If your goal is to pull human-readable text reports, it is also possible to use the MERit Credit Engine to pull CBC/Innovis merged reports that include data from two or all three bureaus.

New Error Handling Option

To help developers, and to improve reliability after installation, a new option has been added to the MERit Credit Engine.  Internet connection and authentication errors can now be handled "in-line."  Instead of the normal back-end retry-handling mechanism, this MERit Credit Engine Version 3.3 option provides the error response directly to your client software, along the same application path used for successful transactions.


Product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. You must have account(s) and valid log-in credentials with whichever credit reporting agencies you intend to access with the Merit Credit Engine software. Merit Credit Systems is a software provider only, is not affiliated with any credit bureau, and does not act as a provider, pass-through, or reseller of consumer credit reports.


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