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continues to evolve and improve, based on your feedback.  Let us know what you need! 

News and Recent Updates

10/3/16 Military Lending Act covered borrower search supported for all three bureaus. MLA status can be retreived with each credit report.

3/7/12 TUNA II, the new TransUnion Multifactor Authentication protocol, and the new TUNA 2 digital certificates are now fully supported by the Merit Credit Engine.

12/13/10 Risk-Based Pricing is now supported by MCE to help users comply with the federal mandate,  taking effect January 1, 2011.  This affects companies that use a model score to set interest rates and pricing. The Merit Credit Engine provides the information to be included in the CSDEN (Credit Score Disclosure Exception Notice.)

3/15/10 Support added for Equifax SSN Affirm, which helps with  Red Flag legislation requirements, identity fraud detection, and account collection efforts.

7/03/09 Merit Credit Engine Version 3.5 adds support (including XML output) for the Equifax Multivision product suite, which provides driver license verification, score reports, and exchange data for phone companies and the telecom industry, including CSA data (customers who've received new service), and UCA data (unpaid closed accounts.) 

7/03/09 Support added for TransUnion's ARM Alert credit report add-on, allowing Adjustable Rate Mortgage interest reset dates, lifetime rate caps, interest-only and negative amortization indicators, 

1/05/09 Support added for TransUnion's ARM Alert credit report add-on, allowing Adjustable Rate Mortgage interest reset dates, lifetime rate caps, interest-only and negative amortization indicators, and other factors to be considered in automated decisionning via the credit report API.

4/18/08 We can now demonstrate the software via Webex conference call.  (Well qualified prospective customers only. Appointment and NDA required.)

2/11/08 Added changes to allow overriding hard-coded request parameters for  Experian.

1/14/08 New diagnostic and logging options added. Improvements in exception handling.

11/27/07 Additional security enhancements.

11/19/07 Significant performance improvement for users who insert large batches of credit report requests.  (For example, 50,000 records at once.)

10/15/07 Added support for "Authorized User Alert." For fraud detection, it alerts you to a situation where a consumer's report looks "suspicious" because of the number of, or  ratio of, Authorized User tradelines.

7/27/07 MCE is now proxy-aware and proxy-enabled.

7/01/07 Merit Credit Systems has a new mailing address and toll-free phone number.  Read about the company.

6/22/07  Merit Credit Engine Version 3.4 supports the TransUnion 4.1 file format (TU41 FFR) and adds new TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian products for credit analysis, identity verification, and fraud risk management.

2/08/07  MERit Credit Engine support for Equifax Canada has been enhanced with the addition of iDecision Power and Commercial Credit - Canada.  Canadian consumer credit reports can be pulled directly from Equifax's Canadian repository (within Canada,) or via the Equifax North American Link (inside or outside Canada.)

4/28/06  VantageScore sm,  jointly developed by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion to provide a consistent scoring algorithm across all three bureaus, is supported by the MERit Credit Engine.

3/21/06  Improved support for access to CREDCO and CBC/Innovis has been added to MERit Credit Engine Version 3.3, as well as an option to simplify handling of Internet connection and authentication errors.

6/22/05  MERit Credit Engine Version 3.2 adds support for the new Equifax System 6.0 data format, and provides other updates of value to companies doing automated retrieval of credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

3/09/05  Enhanced data security and support for new credit bureau products are the focus of the Version 3.1 update to the MERit Credit Engine. In addition, the XML and Merge modules have received new capabilities.

11/12/04  MERit Credit Engine Version 3.0 adds enhanced support for bureau custom score models, OFAC  (USA PATRIOT Act), state credit freeze and credit freeze overrides (including CA SB168), print-image retrieval options, user-specific queues, queue stoppage alerts, FACT Act Compliance, Puerto Rico name/address handling, Canadian credit report support.

11/09/04  FACT Act compliance, including consumer fraud alerts, military active duty alerts, address discrepancy indicators, special handling of medical tradelines and special handling for the inquiries reason code for credit scores has been added to the MERit Credit Engine.

5/19/04  Support for TransUnion Canadian credit reports has been added to the MERit Credit Engine.

4/23/04  Support for Equifax Canadian credit reports has been added to the MERit Credit Engine.

11/9/03  A new edition of the MERit Credit Engine is designed for inclusion in  software company products. MCE-OEM is a credit report COM object API giving software companies a way to add value through credit bureau access functionality in their programs for credit unions, auto dealers, banks, mortgage lending, property management, leasing, and human resources.

8/19/03  The MERit Credit Engine has been certified for the Experian Fast Start. Experian's Fast Start Scoring Models are a client-hosted generic scorecard solution combining empirically-derived, industry-specific models with support and consulting services.

12/20/02  The MERit Credit Engine supports Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union OFAC compliance tools for the  anti-terrorism initiatives of the USA PATRIOT Act. With any credit inquiry, names (including spelling variations) can be checked against the Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons list.

11/18/02  The MERit Credit Engine adds support for XML credit reports using the HR-XML standard. HR-XML allows interoperability of  human resources applications with background checking and pre-employment screening.

09/04/02  The DebitBureau database maintained by eFunds for its ChexSystems Service provides checking account behavior data. The MERit Credit Engine adds Experian Cross View, making this data available for banking systems, and lenders serving consumers with little or no credit history.

06/07/02  Support for version 7 of IBM's premier relational database management system has been added to the MERit Credit Engine, providing system integrators the option to use IBM DB2 for credit reports, as an alternative to Microsoft's SQL Server.

02/14/02 ActiveX credit report capabilities added, simplifying integration of  the MERit Credit Engine using most any programming language that supports COM objects. Press Release

10/22/01 Export/Import: XML option provides three-bureau merged credit report support. Includes capabilities for the Mortgage Bankers Association MISMO standard.

06/14/01 Server: Multi-threading now allows multiple simultaneous connections to the same bureau for greatly enhanced throughput.  Same bureau as well as multi-bureau multi-threading is now supported.

05/17/01 Server: Support added for Trans Union PEER Employment Reports, for use in  subscriber accounts where the employment report type must be requested explicitly.

05/08/01 Server: Equifax TCP/IP support

04/30/01 Export: Report-to-database capability allows creation and storage of text reports within the database. Rendered credit reports are available via database, as well as file system access.

03/14/01 Server: Experian Business Reports, including International Business Reports.

03/06/01 Server: Social search allows handling of bureau products for searches by social security number.

11/28/00  Credit server now supports Experian TCP/IP access.

11/07/00 New capabilities added for handling joint inquiries. Option to  ignore coborrower data.  Database: Added new Trans Union Model reason messages

9/20/00  Server:  New keywords added for support of  Trans Union  Permissible Purpose field to be sent with each Inquiry.  Added automatic handling of Rural Route addresses (and other addresses not containing a number.)

9/06/00  Import:  Added support for "raw" address data, simplifying preparation required by interfacing programs. Import: Added priority levels that can be associated with each inquiry.  Urgent inquiries can be moved to the front of the queue. Added TCP/IP support for Equifax.

8/29/00  Server: Added Support for TransUnion "Acquire" product. Server: Now supports simultaneous connection to multiple bureaus. Window shows status of each Bureau/Thread/Connection. Added Com Port Name overrides for Experian leased line connections. Export: Added capability to export fixed-length fields. Template setup shows the lengths.

8/15/00  All: Added Logging to the Database (TranLog table)
Export: Added post-export processing (exec program).  Database: Added field tTimeScheduled to Inquiry.  Import/Export: Added handling for timeouts (generate 'NoData' response after a specified time in the outgoing queue).  Export: Can now export bureau error code and text of error

8/12/00  Server: Added support for Trans Union TCP/IP Access 

7/25/00  All: Added additional information to various message logs
 Export: Added option to force reparse.  Export: Added option to output raw bureau data.  All: Added Microsoft SQL Server support.  Added ad-hoc ExecSQL function calls

7/10/00 MCE_Server and MCE_NT Service:  Added logic to perform virus self-check on startup.  Added numerous HTML example functions

6/20/00  Export: Added access to 'User Codes' setup for Experian CU Decision Expert and Custom Strategist

6/01/00  DB: Added field Inquiry Email.  Added logic and dialogs for multiple users:  Import and Export "user" identification.

5/24/00  Added support for Experian access via leased line

5/14/00 Import:  Now automatically sets default import template

Product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. You must have account(s) and valid log-in credentials with whichever credit reporting agencies you intend to access with the Merit Credit Engine software. Merit Credit Systems is a software provider only, is not affiliated with any credit bureau, and does not act as a provider, pass-through, or reseller of consumer credit reports.


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