Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union credit reports. Now you can streamline business processes with live credit report data.

MERit Introduces New ActiveX Interface for Requesting Credit Report Data; Releases OEM Version of the MERit Credit Engine

The OEM Edition allows software developers to easily integrate credit report capabilities into their product offerings

Glendora, CA - MERit Credit Systems, announced MCE-OEM, the MERit Credit Engine, OEM Edition, which lets software companies easily integrate credit report capabilities into their product offerings. MCE-OEM implements a Component Object Model (COM) interface, local encrypted storage, and direct Internet access to Experian, Equifax, or TransUnion, freeing developers from complex bureau-specific data protocols and certification requirements.

MCE-OEM adds value to software products in the credit union, banking, finance, collection agency, auto dealership, mortgage, human resources, call centers and property management fields. Companies needing consumer credit reports benefit by not having to reenter data into a separate program, with training and support being simplified, as well. Local storage satisfies federally-mandated retention requirements, while making it possible to review credit decisions.

National credit bureaus are dropping modem access in favor of Internet-only delivery of credit reports, forcing developers and end-users to scramble for a solution. MCE-OEM provides built-in support for Experianís NetConnect II, TransUnion Net Access, or Equifax STS Internet Connectivity. MCE-OEMís browserless direct Internet credit bureau access removes third-party providers and the associated transaction charges from the equation.

MCE-OEM is based on core technology from the MERit Credit Engine, a high-volume, SQL-based enterprise level credit server, used by major credit-granting, tenant-screening, and pre-employment background checking companies since 1999. With attractive multiple-unit OEM pricing, MCE-OEM will appeal to developers whose need is to provide standard credit report and credit score functionality within their software. Industry open standard XML for MISMO and HR modules are also available.

MERit Credit Systems is a leading provider of software solutions for credit retrieval to Automotive, Human Resources, Financial, Rental or Leasing, Health Care, Insurance, Law Enforcement, Education and Utilities Industries, for businesses requiring quick and effective access to credit information from Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. MERit has been certified through and provides integration with the three consumer credit bureaus, Equifax (NYSE: EFX), Experian (London Stock Exchange: GUS) and TransUnion. For further information, see CreditEngine.net.

MERit Credit Systems
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Product and company names mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. You must have account(s) and valid log-in credentials with whichever credit reporting agencies you intend to access with the Merit Credit Engine software. Merit Credit Systems is a software provider only, is not affiliated with any credit bureau, and does not act as a provider, pass-through, or reseller of consumer credit reports.


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